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Private Yoga Therapy

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You are unique. Even if you have the same health issue as someone else, your life,

your body, mind, and spirit, may be impacted in different ways.


Private yoga therapy sessions are tailored to your specific health needs and goals.


When you work with me privately, we begin with you filling me in on your current state of health and

wellness, and then we work together to set your goals. Private sessions are generally one hour long (the first

will be longer) and will involve me introducing you to a variety of yoga-related tools and techniques

(a combination of movement, yoga poses, breathwork, mudras, meditation, affirmations, meditation,

and guided relaxation) that are specific to your health needs and goals.

After each session, I will provide you with a home yoga therapy program. Through practice, you will learn

which tools work best for you and what a sustainable practice/program looks like for you. At each future session,

we will assess your progress against your goals, and we’ll adjust your program to meet your needs. 

The number of sessions required to meet your goals will depend on, for example,

the nature of your health condition and your level of commitment to the program. 

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Check out what private clients have to say
"I had the good fortune of working with Susan in my home. This was invaluable to me as I wanted to get started with the program, but was anxious at the thought of leaving the house some days. Being in my home, removed a difficult barrier for me. Susan is an excellent instructor because she's compassionate, and not judging. This allowed me to feel comfortable giving her honest feedback. This in turn allowed Susan to adapt the program to my needs. This was integral to the success of the program for me. The tools of the program helped me get through my difficult days. Of course, the gift of yoga is that these tools can be used in everyday living whether I'm anxious or not." CD

“As a senior retired nurse with typical spine and hip problems, I have learned safe exercise movements that help my mobility and circulation. Only Susan would be patient enough to give this individualized instruction.” - RM 
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