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Clinics & Workshops:
Anxiety & Nervous System Dysregulation

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We all want to be able to respond to events and stressors in a healthy, balanced way, to be resilient, to "bounce back", in the face of challenges and difficulties. And everyone can benefit from learning a variety of strategies to control the way they react to acute or chronic stress or challenges.

Overcome! Yoga and the Art of Self-Regulation is an evidence-based, natural, and holistic approach to managing and overcoming acute and chronic stress and anxiety. It focuses on developing an understanding of nervous system dysregulation and exploring tools and techniques to address the physiological, emotional, and behavioural elements of self-regulation. With an emphasis on education and experience, each session includes an exploration of breath, mindfulness practices, gentle yoga (no experience required), meditation, guided relaxation, and several other tools and techniques that build nervous system resilience.


Participants in this 4-week series will learn about:

  • Nervous system dysregulation and self-regulation;

  • The stress response and the relaxation response;

  • The brain and body in the stress response;

  • How triggers are formed and how they are programming errors;

  • How the brain can be reprogrammed to react differently;

  • A variety of techniques for regulating the nervous system; and,

  • Relevant yoga philosophy.

With effort and commitment, participants can expect to: 

  • find relief from acute and chronic stress, anxiety, and trauma;

  • enhance their ability to regulate emotional, physical, and behavioural reactions to stressors; and,

  • build nervous system resilience.


If these group program dates don't work for you, we can work together privately to

achieve the same outcomes - and we can change the format of the program to suit your needs!

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Check out what participants have to say
“I really enjoyed the class. It met my expectations perfectly as I was hoping to expand my toolkit of mindful ways to manage my anxiety. I started the class during a bad time (my anxiety fluctuates) and I think it helped me ease back to a more settled state." - S.M.


“Yes, I really think this will help me in a very practical way,
something I have not been able to access through traditional talk therapy.” - E.M.
“This program showed me new tools that I have not regularly included in my personal practice,
which I appreciated and will definitely be using some moving forward.” - E.H.

"The tools and techniques were the biggest takeaways for me. The education portion helped “connect the dots”.

I already knew a lot of the various pieces, but the sessions brought it all together." - S.G.

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