Work with Me

Group yoga classes are a fun and relaxing way to experience the joys of yoga! I teach group classes for people who have some yoga experience, older adults, and those with no yoga experience at all. I am also available for guest speaker requests, yoga presentations or demonstrations and special interest group classes. Find out more about the group classes that I offer. 

“I have participated in Susan's home-based small group yoga classes. The intimacy of a small group in a home-based setting has been a refreshing change from large studio classes. Susan demonstrates her passion for teaching by sharing her knowledge with a calm, attentive, engaging yet lighthearted approach.”  - MD

Private therapeutic yoga sessions are for people who want to explore yoga as a way to address a specific health condition. Sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual client and address the five koshas (levels or layers) of our being - physical (your body), breath (your energy), mental/emotional (your thoughts and feelings), wisdom (your intellect and understanding), and bliss (your spirit). Find out more about the private sessions I offer.  

“As a senior retired nurse with typical spine and hip problems, I have learned safe exercise movements that help my mobility and circulation. Only Susan would be patient enough to give this individualized instruction.” - RM 

Clinics & Workshops are a perfect way to take a "deeper dive" into a specific area of interest or need.


Overcome! programs are an evidence-based, natural and holistic approach to managing and overcoming a wide range of emotions, imbalances, and disorders such as stress,

anxiety, panic, PTSD, anger, sadness, depression, and feeling "stuck". 

Find out if the Overcome! program is for you. 

“Thank you so much for everything, this clinic gave us so many tools and insight on anxiety
and how to overcome it. It highly surpassed my expectations.” - MM