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Clinics & Workshops

New Workshop - Registration is Open!

The next opportunity to learn about and practice the principles of safe movement for people with low bone density (osteoporosis or osteopenia) starts on May 30th!

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Clinics are a great way to take a deeper dive into a specific therapeutic topic. My clinics are typically a series of four to six classes that provide an in-depth exploration of how yoga can be used to address a specific health issue. Workshops tend to be one-time events, a few hours in length. While they are also focused on one therapeutic topic or goal, because they are shorter than a series of classes, they provide a more introductory level experience. Both formats include some education, experiential learning, and, of course, yoga practice. 

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The Overcome Anxiety Clinic is back - now called the Overcome! Yoga and the Art of Self-Regulation program. I have led several of these small group clinics and received reports of positive outcomes from all participants.

Now with an updated course format and content, I'm looking forward to making this a regular offering again.

I'm also really excited to be offering a new program called Yoga Reset: Principles and Practices of Safe Yoga for People with Osteoporosis. This program was inspired by my own diagnosis of osteoporosis in 2021; the need to keep my students safe and the need to keep myself safe when teaching and practicing yoga. Check it out to hear what participants are saying.

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